Mathematics Department

Brief History of Mathematics Department

                                Jubilee College Bhurkunda situated at Ramgarh district ,a permanent affiliate unit under VBU Hazaribag. The river damodar flows nearby College which in reaches the entire area of Bhurkunda with its minerals. The College is situated in rural and tribal area . The College was established in the year 1981, the foundation laid down by the honorable governor of Bihar Dr. A.R Kedwai , on 24th Dec.1981. The college got affiliation from Ranchi Universirty for B.A/B.Com/B.Sc since 1983 because at that time VBU Hazaribag was not in existence.

                              Teaching of Mathematics in the College was started since 14th Sept. 1983.Mathematics is backbone of Science. Mathematics is Arts and Commerce faculties also. From the beginning Mathematics is essential for each and every human being. Mathematics is divided into two parts: (1) Pure Mathematics and (2) Applied Mathematics. These two parts of Mathematics play an important role in research work of science. The portion of pure Mathematics is very useful in Banking, Railways, SSC and all other Competitive examinations.

                               The study of Mathematics has immense value for both teachers and students. We cannot create a healthy society without proper knowledge of Mathematics. Our Deptt. Achieving the goal in this area. Many of our students are serving the society, nation as well as abroad , holding different prestigious posts.

Goal and Objectives:-

  • Creating awareness among people about Mathematics
  • Providing knowledge of transaction to the society for day to day activities
  • Providing knowledge of Mathematics to the students for the other genric science subject properly. Example –If Physics is a bridge then Mathematics is a piller. No any branch of science can travels without mathematics comfortably.
  • Helpful in solving the economic problems of nation
  • Helpful in solving the problems of various subjects of Arts & Commerce faculties. E.g. it help in Psy, Phil, Eco, Soc, etc. and Business and Elementary mathematics , commercial maths, etc.
  • Provide entire scientific knowledge
  • Our aim is to enrich each and every person of the society with basic knowledge of maths.


                    Teaching is a very powerful mode through which people can present the positions exited in every individual. Teaching creates awareness arms the leaner’s which can help them role the challenge that will come in their life. Teaching of maths creates enrichment in each as every person of human so laity. Among the leaners so that can advise this live better in future. Thought various cedes provided to the leaners their known can so updated and that can lends stand the mathematical nerves and proctors much bellow and can unities them better in life. Department seminar’s are Organized time to time to in valve the students community to fordable their option as views on the __ to students topic special care is being taken by facility member of the different subject to clear the __of the leaners by math examination are conducted to enhance the stances of the student on regular basics . In the bi- monthly review meeting of the Deptt __are to taken. To improve the students by the head of the Deptt. On it more classes are needed it is covered by the exits classes. The teachers are also intuitions to provide notes and necessary information to the student related to the response paper as well as consoling in new carrier __ education.

Co-Ordinator Activity

                    There is a lot of need for Co-Ordinator activities due to very schedule of hectic academic _. It means students redress are there got gibed_ students educational tours are of ten organized to for vide a free at __ for teachers to teach the teaches more properly and it promotes __ ____.the two. Every year the new comer are welcomed by the seminars as juniors give farewell to the seminar the teacher’s day annual day and children’s day etc. are celebrated with great jobs in _in our college every year. Allaying meet is organized once in a year.

Extra Co- Curricular Activities

Students advised to be associate with various departmental activities at the college such as annual Sports NSC Literary competitions of the college. Be sides these inspire to be involving activity with the outside agencies extending to help to the people at the time of natural dilation and natural calamities and them selves involve in various activities programmers and awareness programmers such as “Swachh Bharat Mission” departments seminars quiz competitions exhibition related to different __. Study tours social awareness programmers many more. Above all they are advised to abide by discipline for becoming a responsible citizen in future.

Faculty Members

S.N Name Of Teaching Staff Designation Qualification Teaching
3. RAJESH KUMAR ASST Prof. M.Sc. B.Ed. 28

No. of Teaching Post

S.N Sanctioned Post Sanctioned Yes/No Filled Yes/No
1. Professors No No
2. Asst .Professors No No
3. Asst .Professors 03 03
  1. Profile of faculty member – I
  2. Profile of faculty member – II
  3. Profile of faculty member – III

Catchy Moments Of The Department

                    The scope of mathematics to rise is too much. Among the students of science, students of mathematics have great chance to progress and develop. They can Compete various Competition Examination like Banking, Railways, SSC, J.P.S.C., I.A.S. etc. more conveniently then other student’s mathematics is an essential for other science subject & several subject of other faculties also. Mathematics is essential for common people for smooth running of their daily life also. So it is high time to develop and encourage the subject and motivate the students to opt the subject.