As the college is a permanent affiliated unit of Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag and the University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the session 2015-18. By introducing this system the University has proud to be the first University in Jharkhand to introduce such course.

Duration of Course

Three Academic session divided into six semesters. The duration of semester I, III & V shall be from July to December (6 months). The duration of semester II, IV & VI shall be from January to June( 6 months).

A candidate who fails to clear all the semester examination in a maximum period of Six Academic session from the date of his/her first admission in first semester shall have to take admission afresh in the first semester if he/she desires the degree.

Total Marks

The Honourse course will be of total 2450 Marks and Pass course will be of total 2150 Marks during the whole course.

Honourse Course - 2450 Pass/General Course - 2150

Pass Marks

A minimum of 40% marks in theory and practical papers separately and 50% in dissertation paper. It should also born in mind to the student that to pass the examination he/she should obtain 40% marks in Mid-Sem exam and End Sem Exam separately.


During the semester course in every Academic session two examination will be organised under the name MID-SEM Exam and END-SEM EXAM. MID-SEM Exam will be organised by the college in which it is mandatory to appear for each and every student and obtain 40% marks in each paper separately . The END-SEM Exam will organised by the University.


For Honourse Course

A student who has passed 10+ 2 Examination from a recognised Board/University with a minimum of 45% marks is eligible to seek admission in Honourse Course.

Pass/General Course

A candidate who have passed the 10+2 examination from a recognised University/Board is eligible to seek admission in Pass/General course. There is no constraint of minimum marks or percentage of Pass/General course.

Promotion to the Next Semester

Advancement to the next semester shall be permitted only with a maximum of two backlog papers/Subjects from the preceding semester . However, the student shall be allowed to appear at the sixth semester examination only if he/she has cleared all the papers/subjects up to semester III . If a student has backlog in 4th & 5th Semester they shall be allowed to appear in the 6th semester but they will only be eligible for degree till they will not cleared the backlog paper. Without clearing the backlog papers/subject of 4th & 5th semester the result of the candidate in the 6th semester will be declared under NCL (Not Completed Lower semester)

Distribution of 140 Credits for the Core Course Students :-(Under Graduate)

SEMESTER I 12 02 06 - - 20
SEMESTER II 12 02 06 - - 20
SEMESTER III 18 - 06 02 - 26
SEMESTER IV 18 - 06 02 - 26
SEMESTER V 12 12 24
SEMESTER VI 12 12 24
TOTAL 84 04 24 04 24 140

Distribution of 120 credit for the Pass Course/General Course student:-(Under Graduate)

SEMESTER I 18 02 - - - 20
SEMESTER II 18 02 - - 20
SEMESTER III 18 - - 02 - 20
SEMESTER IV 18 - - 02 - 20
SEMESTER V 02 18 20
SEMESTER VI - - 02 18 20
TOTAL 72 04 00 08 36 120


  • CC = Core Course
  • AECC= Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
  • GE= Generic Elective
  • SEC= Skill Enhancement Course
  • DSE= Discipline Specific Elective

Total Number of papers and Marks

The table given below shows the total Numbers with practical subject and without practical subjects

Semester Papers(without Practical Subject) Papers(with Practical Subject) Marks
I 04 06 350
II 04 06 350
III 05 07 450
IV 05 07 450
V 04 06 400
VI 04 06 450
TOTAL 26 38 2450

List of Core Subjects, Faculties and the Degrees

S.No. Faculty Subjects Degree awarded
1 Humanities Bangla , English , Hindi , Philosophy,Sanskrit , Urdu B.A.Honours/ General
2 Social Sciences Anthropology ,Economics ,Geography ,History , Home Science,Music ,Political Science ,Psychology,Sociology ,Mathematics B.A Honours/ General.
3 Science Botany , Chemistry , Geology, Mathematics , Physics , Zoology,Anthropology , Home Science B.Sc. Honours/ General
4 Commerce Alternative groups of subjects prescribed in the B.Com. Syllabus B.Com. Honours/ General

* Teaching and examination of these subjects shall be held under their specific regulations.